Tuesday 16 December 2014

Shawn Stovell's Appointment at Knox College

Shawn Stovell, Associate Academic Dean and Registrar, has accepted appointment as Registrar and Manager of Academic Services at Knox College, University of Toronto. We heartily congratulate Shawn as he accepts the call to a new challenge. He will, however, be sorely missed at ICS.

Shawn's appointment was effective Monday November 17 on a part-time basis to enable a period of transition for ICS, and will become full-time as of December 20. We are particularly grateful to Shawn for arranging this time of transition. We are all deeply thankful for Shawn's sterling service these past several years, as he stepped up to steadily increasing responsibilities at ICS.

Jeff Hocking, Student Services and Financial Aid Officer, has agreed to accept appointment as Interim Registrar, for a period of three months. We are grateful indeed that Jeff is willing to increase his time and responsibilities for this purpose. We are confident that he is well prepared for this role. We are also grateful that Shawn has been able to work part-time with Jeff in this transition.

Please join us in praying for Jeff and Shawn as they take up their new responsibilities.