Monday 12 September 2016

Doug Blomberg's chapter in Diversity and Intersectionality

ICS president and senior member in education Doug Blomberg has contributed a chapter to Diversity and Intersectionality: Studies in Religion, Education and Values (editors Jeff Astley and Leslie J. Francis). ​Doug's paper was selected from hundreds presented at the International Seminar on Religious Education and Values Conference in 2014. In "Will/ing Acceptance of Others", Doug explores the significance of the Biblical-Augustinian concept of will (and thus, freedom in decision-making) in nurturing students' openness ​to others.

The will is sadly ignored, even in Christian circles, in favour of a polarity between thinking and feeling. This significantly impacts the way schooling is practised. Posing complex problems and encouraging students to consider their responses in light of their deepest convictions enables them to discipline their thoughts and feelings towards inclusiveness and other vital values. Nurturing critical awareness of core commitments and decisions in accord with these supports education with true depth, going to the heart of people's lives.

This is the understanding of religious convictions and their outcomes we aim to foster at ICS. To find out more about this book please visit