Monday 17 November 2014

Meeting of Leaders of Christian Colleges and Universities around the World

International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education – Asia-Oceania Region

Conference of Presidents/Principals and Senior Leaders of Christian Colleges and Universities around the World, 1-4 November 2014.

by Doug Blomberg, President of ICS

The rate of growth of Christian institutions of higher education in the majority world is indeed amazing. But so is it also to recognise that there are many such institutions in India, Africa and elsewhere in the region that have a history reaching into the nineteenth century. The purpose of this conference in Melaka, Malaysia was to foster collaboration within countries and internationally. It was organised under the leadership of Regional Director Dr. J. Dinakarlal from India in collaboration with Dr. Mwende Ntarangwi, Executive Director of IAPCHE (of which former ICS President Dr. Harry Fernhout is Chair). As might be expected, the majority of participants were from Asia, but there was a sprinkling of delegates from other regions as well. Though there were formal plenary presentations, these were personal and practical in character. Much of the time was spent in small group interaction, as people got to know each other and their various ministries. My hope is that relationships fostered in this gathering might strengthen existing partnerships and grow into many more. Let us pray that ICS will figure significantly among these.