Tuesday 3 September 2013

The New Fall Semester Begins at ICS!

This month marks the beginning of the new fall semester at ICS.

There are five courses starting next week:

Biblical Foundations with Dr. Nik Ansell
Theories of Language and Interpretation: Gadamer, Kristeva, and Searle with Dr. Lambert Zuidervaart
Religion, Life and Society: Reformational Philosophy with Dr. Lambert Zuidervaart
Wittgenstein: Language and the Philosophy of Religion with Dr. Ron Kuipers
Facing the Darkness: The (Human) Nature of Evil with Dr. Nik Ansell

Two distance courses are offered this semester:

Curriculum: Organising the World for Learning with Dr. Doug Blomberg
Creative Communication: Culture, Art and Politics with Dr. Allyson Carr

For all course descriptions and timetables, please visit courses.icscanada.edu.