Monday 17 June 2013

ICS Alumni Network

The ICS has always been a forward-looking institution. And while I celebrate ICS's forward-thinking, I also celebrate its journey. After all, the ICS has produced a great wealth of scholars, philosophers, and leaders over many decades. And what better way to celebrate the journey than to connect with those who have walked along the way?

Over the past year, a handful of alumni have been meeting regularly to talk about the development of an ICS alumni network. Each meeting, both formal and casual, has been a hive of creative thinking and storytelling, as together we begin to craft a vision for what we could be with the involvement of more alumni willing to share their stories.

I believe an alumni network could bring the family a little closer in those times of difficulty and change. The ICS changed my life during my time there. It gave direction to a young Christian thinker who had difficulty reconciling faith with his own rationale. What a blessing, I confess, that I didn't end up anywhere else. Among philosophical schools, the ICS is an anomaly in that it is both philosophically rigorous and faith-based. There really is nothing like it. It is a jewel in our tradition. I believe that it is worth fighting for.

We're looking for your interest. We want to hear your ideas about what an alumni network can do for ICS. Share with us what the ICS meant, and what it continues to mean to you. We want you to connect with us and share with us what you have to give. If the idea of an alumni network interests you, please share that feeling with Jeffrey Hocking (MA ‘09, PhD cand.), our alumni point-person on staff at ICS. Send him your email, even if just to encourage. We are planning our first alumni network meeting sometime this coming fall. We will be announcing further information this summer related to the meeting date and agenda. We still have a lot of organizing to do. I hope to hear from you!

Jonathan Weverink (MPhilF ‘00)

(You can reach Jeffrey Hocking, Student Services & Financial Aid Officer at