Thursday 30 September 2021

CPRSE Panel at Society for Ricoeur Studies Conference

On the afternoon of October 9th, CPRSE Associate Director Héctor Acero Ferrer and Postdoctoral Research Associate Andrew Tebbutt will be participating on behalf of the CPRSE in the Society for Ricoeur Studies’ virtual conference. Together with Dr. Robert Vosloo (University of Stellenbosch), they will lead a panel titled Divine Incognitos: Paul Ricoeur on Forgiveness and Religion from the Intimate to the Public Sphere. This panel will take cues especially from Ricoeur’s understanding of the religious or theological dimension of forgiveness, in order to explore the various settings in which the “small acts of consideration” of forgiveness are possible, and what the restorative potential of forgiveness entails to individuals in such settings. 

As part of this panel, each of the participants will contribute a presentation for discussion on the following topics:
  • Dr. Robert Vosloo: “Staging Public Forgiveness? Reading J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace in Conversation with Paul Ricoeur”
  • Dr. Andrew Tebbutt: “Guardians of the Gift: Paul Ricoeur on the Pre-Politics of Forgiveness”
  • Héctor Acero Ferrer: “A Community’s Gesture: The Intimacy of Memory and the Possibility of Forgiveness in Paul Ricoeur”

You can find out more about the Society for Ricoeur Studies and their annual conference here.