Friday 1 January 2021

New Publication in Honour of Duncan Roper

Steuart Henderson is pleased to announce an e-book, In a Reformational Key, now available at through Thumbwidth Press, a publishing venture by Chris Gousmett in Dunedin.

Henderson is a founder of the Association for Christian Scholarship, a merger in New Zealand and Australia of like-minded organisations established in the 70s. ACS wound up a few years ago, but the spirit of the community lives on, in part in the Reformational Christian Studies Trust. In August 2018, a Colloquium convened in Wellington in honour of Duncan Roper, a co-founder of the group who passed away in October 2016. Roper was also a mathematician, musician, musicologist, theologian, philosopher and author. In a Reformational Key comprises papers by speakers at this colloquium and other contributors. One of these pieces is by ICS Emeritus Doug Blomberg on "Radical Discipleship," and ICS’s Nik Ansell is another of these contributors, having highly valued Roper’s Biblical Foundations for Radical Discipleship (1977).

This publication is an example of the lively legacy of reformational scholarship, as well as ICS's longstanding international connections, in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond from the '60s onward. As the brief introduction to In a Reformational Key states: “Duncan was a tireless promoter of the reformational vision of the Lordship of Christ over all of life, including academic thought…. We trust that this book will help to keep that vision alive, as Duncan so fervently wished.”