Tuesday 17 April 2018

Prayer Letter: May 2018

Tuesday, May 1 - Friday, May 4

On May 3rd, in collaboration with the Centre for Community Based Research, the Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics (CPRSE) will lead the first in a series of webinars to promote partnerships between faith-based groups and government organizations involved in immigrant settlement. This is an outcome of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded research collaboration “Faith and Settlement Partnerships: Setting Immigrants and Canada Up for Success”. Please pray that this webinar series may contribute to improving the settlement process of immigrants and refugees across Canada.

On May 4th, please remember to pray for Eric Mabry, one of Bob Sweetman’s PhD candidates from Regis College, who will be defending his PhD thesis entitled ”Inquantum est temporaliter Homo factum: Background, Reception, Meaning and Relevance of the Hypothesis of esse secundarium in the Christology of Thomas Aquinas”.

Please pray this week and next for the ICS annual phone-a-thon that is taking place. Pray for the Board members and Junior Members who have volunteered to make these important calls to our donors. May God bless each call with happy engagement and encouragement of one another.

Please pray this week and next for all the preparations needed to be made for the Senate and Board meetings. As well, please pray especially for Elizabet Aras, our Registrar, as she makes all the arrangements for the Convocation event on May 11th. As this is her first time performing this role for ICS, please pray for calmness and clarity of mind as she works through the many details.

Monday, May 7 - Friday, May 11

Please pray for Ron Kuipers’ PhD candidate, Joe Kirby on Monday, May 7th, as he is defending his thesis titled "Moral Ontology in an Age of Science: A Philosophical Case for the Mystery of Goodness". Pray also for fruitful discussions between Joe and the members of the examination committee.

On Thursday, May 10th, Senate convenes at 9:00 a.m, under the leadership of Chair (and ICS Chancellor) Dr. John Kok. Please pray for John and the external and internal senators as they consider the range of issues on the agenda concerning ICS academic programs.

Friday, May 11th, the Board of Trustees meet throughout the day starting at 9:00 am. Please pray for grace and wisdom for all our board members and our Chair, John Valk, as they deliberate together on the various matters before them in the care and furtherance of the mission and vision of ICS.
On Friday evening, the ICS community gathers for our annual Convocation. We give thanks to God for sustaining and guiding us in our mission, and for the achievements of our graduating Junior Members. We celebrate with gratitude the diligence and insights these graduands have demonstrated these past years, and pray for them in the callings to which they are called. We pray also for our President, Dr. Ronald Kuipers, as he presents his address, “Something We Don’t See: ICS and the Training of a Messianic Imagination”, as part of the Presidential Inauguration ceremony. We pray for God’s grace for all who will be participating in this special event.

Monday, May 14 - Friday, May 18

Peter Borgdorff was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and is currently receiving radiation treatment in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The prognosis for healing is presently unknown, but Peter and Janet are trusting in the provision afforded by the care of the Lord. The many assurances received from family and friends have been of tremendous encouragement. Thank you all for your care, concern and support.

We want to take this opportunity to give thanks for our donors who have responded so faithfully to our phone-a-thon. We are grateful for God’s provision to us through them and are inspired by their commitment to our mission.

Please pray this month for our Junior Members as they wrap up their course papers, with some also working on their theses. It is an intensive period, with diligence and focus required. May God grant them clarity of mind and inspiration as they develop their insights.

Monday, May 21 - Friday, May 25

Please pray for Ron Kuipers and Pat Webb as they travel to Vancouver this week to meet with various members of the ICS community there. As well, please pray for Ron as he will be participating in the CRC Campus Ministers conference on Wednesday, the 23rd.

Between May 24th and 26th, CPRSE will be hosting eight outstanding undergraduate students from The King’s University, Concordia University, Cornerstone University, and Grenville University in the context of this year’s ICS Undergraduate Workshop, “Philosophy and/as Storytelling.” Please pray that participants and respondents may create a fruitful community of learning over the three days of this workshop.

Monday, May 28 - Thursday, May 31

CPRSE continues to build on the “Currents in Reformational Thought” series, featuring the contributions of our current and emeriti faculty to our tradition of scholarship. Please pray for those involved in editing, producing, and publishing this important series.

The last day of May means we have one month left to meet our donations target for this fiscal year. It is vitally important we achieve this goal as it obviously impacts our ability to balance our budget. Please pray that God will continue to provide for this real need through the help of our friends and supporters, as you consider your response to our phone-a-thon appeal.

CPRSE is expanding its network of support and impact through new and exciting partnerships. Please pray for CPRSE as it begins to collaborate with Citizens for Public Justice in the context of their Annual General Meeting on May 31st.