Tuesday 29 November 2016

Announcement from Dr. John Valk, Chair, Board of Trustees

ICS has been in conversation with The King’s University in an effort to determine whether some partnering arrangement might be a possibility. The Board received a Proposal to Merge from King’s President Melanie Humphreys two weeks ago that moved the discussion along significantly.

The ICS Board of Trustees reviewed the proposal on Saturday November 12th. After considerable discussion, Trustees agreed to give this serious consideration. We communicated to President Humphreys that the Board is committed to making a partnership with King’s a reality. This response was received with enthusiasm.

There are still quite a number of issues to be worked through, primarily the matter of ICS’s Ontario Charter and the development of an appropriate financial model. ICS will in the next few weeks respond to the numerous items contained in the MOU in order to seek further clarification and to begin to state ICS’s desires in the creation of a partnership. While we are at a beginning phase, the prospect of a joint venture with King’s creates new possibilities for both institutions.

May much light, wisdom and insight guide and direct us all as we seek to further the mission and vision of ICS as it has been entrusted to us, and in a new way so that its endeavours may continue to flourish.