Thursday 28 April 2016

April a Huge Month at Ground Motive

April has certainly kept Dean "the blogging machine" Dettloff busy over at Ground Motive with no fewer than eight new articles by ICS faculty and alumni to post (including one of his own). Most of these new articles are part of our online symposium in response to Lambert Zuidervaart's book of essays Religion, Truth, and Social Transformation: Essays in Reformational Philosophy, including two articles by current ICS adjunct faculty member and former Associate Professor of Political Theory Jonathan Chaplin. Here's the list:

Probing the Contours and Foundations of a Reformational “Architectonic Critique” of Society and Speaking Truth to “Power”, Calling “Truth-Tellers” to Account: Probing the “Dialectical” Relationship Between Religion and the State
by Jonathan Chaplin

Pluralism in a Multicultural Civil Society: Losing My Religion?
by Ruthanne Crapo

The Homeless God
by Caleb Ratzlaff

Beyond Political Augustinianism
by Clinton E. Stockwell

Vollenhoven: Base Camps and Expeditions, Chemistry and Alchemy
by Dean Dettloff

Beyond Humanism and Posthumanism: On Hendrik Hart’s Philosophical Anthropology
by Peter Wing-Kai Lok

The Possibilities of Authentic Philosophical Histories
by Ben Hampshire