Tuesday 15 September 2015

Oct. 2: Religion and Citizenship in a Post-secular Society

On October 2, 2015 the ICS Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics (CPRSE) is co-sponsoring a symposium with the Centre for Ethics at U of T and the Institute for Global Prosperity (Bahai). ICS senior member Ronald A. Kuipers, Director of the CPRSE, will be one of the speakers.

The purpose of this symposium is to inquire into the ethics of citizenship in a post-secular society. The term ‘post-secular’ refers to the apparent failure of secularization theory’s prediction that the influence of religion in public life would steadily diminish to a vanishing point. The continued flourishing of public religion raises new questions about the ongoing role of religion in society. These questions include the ways in which religious and secular citizens are to engage each other in public discourse on matters of common concern. How does a new consciousness of a post-secular society influence thought and practice regarding citizenship? In an increasingly diverse society, what are the sources of our shared identity, and what are legitimate means of promoting them? How should we consider the ethical potential present within religion to promote social and political participation? What can we learn from religious and secular practices of inclusion and solidarity extended to minority populations, non-citizens and refugees? How can they deepen a prevalent culture of human rights in society at large? Furthermore, when religious and diaspora communities are connected through transnational ties, what new pressures are placed on citizenship as it is understood and practiced?

Despite the possible benefits offered by a ‘multi-faith’ approach to this inquiry – which underlines differences and distinctions made among traditions of thought – we propose to pursue areas of convergence or commonality. That is, we wish to look within religious and secular traditions to develop new ways of thinking about social and political membership that can contribute to the creation of new resources for solidarity amidst religious (and other) differences.

Fri, Oct 2, 2015
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM (Lunch and refreshments provided)
Room 200, Larkin Building
15 Devonshire Place, Toronto

Registration is free but seating is limited. Go to

Prof. Simone Chambers (University of California, Irvine)
Prof. Phil Triadafilopoulos (University of Toronto)
Prof. Ronald A. Kuipers (Institute for Christian Studies)
Prof. Ingrid Mattson (University of Western Ontario)
Prof. Howard Adelman (York University)
Dr. Mary Jo Leddy (Regis College; Romero House)
Dr. Benjamin Schewel (University of Virginia)

Keynote lecture:
Prof Armando Salvatore (McGill University)
“Religion, citizenship, and the challenge of transnationalism: Historical roots, convergences and divergences”

Symposium sponsored by:
Centre for Ethics, University of Toronto
The Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity
Centre for Philosophy, Religion, and Social Ethics, Institute for Christian Studies
Trudeau Foundation

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