Friday 12 June 2015

New Issue of Perspective

Better late than never! We had a couple of things to report that couldn't really wait until the autumn issue of Perspective so we decided to delay the spring issue so we could be sure of the facts about those things before reporting them.

The first of those things is reported in this issue's lead article "Master of Worldview Studies: to New York and Beyond". This article describes our plan to offer courses that operate in both distance and intensive seminar modes (with those seminars taking place in both New York and Toronto) and discusses how MWS enrolment forms an important part of our "fiscal pyramid".

The second thing is our new continuing education program called "Continuing Ed/ge: Biblical Studies With a Difference", which begins operating on October 1, 2015. If you've been looking for something from ICS available in "adult ed" or "continuing studies" form, this is it!

In addition to these two timing-sensitive articles we are pleased to include a report from long-time supporter Bert Witvoet on a seminar delivered by Shannon Hoff at Jubilee Fellowship Christian Reformed Church. Bert's article, "Philosophy in a Church Basement", both describes the experience of the seminar and reminds us of how important it is for ICS to nourish the community that has nourished the institution for so long.

Finally, this issue of Perspective is rounded out by seven reports on the academic accomplishments of our junior members (including a lovely photo from this year's convocation) and an update on how our institutional repository continues to enhance global access to the research produced at ICS.

Those of you who receive paper copies of Perspective can expect them over the next few weeks. It is at the printer right now. Those of you who prefer to read it online can find it at