Monday 13 October 2014

"Junior Member Issue" of Perspective Available Now

Envelopes for the September issue of Perspective are being addressed at this moment. Those of you who receive Perspective by mail can expect to see your copy soon. People who prefer to read it online, or to print it out themselves, can get it right now at

This issue of Perspective is called the "Junior Member Issue" because a group of ICS students stepped forward to help us create the largest and perhaps most engaging issue in recent times. This issue includes four original essays by junior members, and junior members organised and performed editorial duties for much of the rest of the issue, including a feature article by Lambert Zuidervaart. Also in this issue are an article by ICS past president Harry Fernhout welcoming Doug Blomberg to the role of president, and an interview with ICS alumni and professor of philosophy at Dordt, Neal De Roo.

We avoided calling this issue "special" because that term can imply an additional issue outside of the usual series, not merely an exception to the norm. "Special" may in fact be an accurate description in the latter sense, but the kind of work reflected within this issue's pages, the attention paid to topics that matter, is a regular part of the lives of ICS junior and senior members. In a sense, this issue simply brings what is normal at ICS to the fore. We are well pleased with the results and we hope that you will be too!