Tuesday 29 December 2015

The New Winter Semester Begins at ICS!

This month marks the beginning of the new winter semester at ICS. There are five courses starting as well as five distance courses offered this semester:

Democracy and Diversity with Dr Phillip Shadd
Spiritual Exercises as a Christian Philosophy from Augustine to Bonaventure with Dr Bob Sweetman
Interdisciplinary Seminar (IDS): Problem-Historical Approaches to Philosophy, Theology, Psychology and Art History with Dr Bob Sweetman, Dr Jim Olthuis and Dr Nik Ansell
Philosophy at the Limit: Richard Kearney with Dr Ron Kuipers
For the Love of Wisdom: Scripture, Philosophy and Creation Order with Dr Nik Ansell

Winter 2016 distance courses:

Wisdom and Schooling with Dr Doug Blomberg and Dr Clinton Stockwell
In Media Res: Media, Technology and Culture with Matt Bernico
Neon Bibles and Broken Hallelujahs: Soundings in Theology and Pop Culture with Brett Potter
Practising Vocational Wayfinding with Gideon Strauss
Biblical Foundations with Jeffrey Hocking

For course descriptions, please visit courses.icscanada.edu/search/label/W16