Friday 29 August 2014

The New Fall Semester Begins at ICS!

This month marks the beginning of the new fall semester at ICS! There are six courses starting next week:

Biblical Foundations with Dr Nik Ansell
Nature, Supernature & Miracle in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas with Dr Bob Sweetman
Theories of Truth with Dr Lambert Zuidervaart
Religion, Life and Society: Reformational Philosophy with Dr Lambert Zuidervaart
God/Sex/Word/Flesh: Gender, Theology, and the Body with Dr Nik Ansell
Religion, Critical Theory and Habermas with Dr Ron Kuipers

Two distance courses are offered this semester:
Christianity and the Ecological Crisis with Chris Allers
Ways of Learning with Elaine Brouwer

For all course descriptions and timetables, please visit