Tuesday 19 July 2011

Congratulations, Pam Trondson!

Pam Trondson was ICS's Director of Student Services from 1999 till 2007. Hers was a demanding position, overseeing, organizing, and executing virtually everything related to the presence of Junior Members at ICS. Indeed, the presence of many was brought about by Pam's very effective recruiting. ICS also benefited from the activities she organized: parties, retreats, a work study program and chapel. She also looked after admissions, awards, and student care.

Obviously Pam's decision to embark on another career outside of ICS created a considerable vacuum. She had become a real friend and colleague who contributed significantly. However, Pam's heart was set on ordination to ministry in the church. Thus she became a student herself. On May 1 she ended the first phase and was ordained as deacon by Anglican Archbishop Colin Johnson in an impressive service and ceremony at St. Paul's in Toronto, which was filled to capacity. Ordination as priest will follow in a year.

Henk Hart attended the ordination service and, upon learning that Pam would preach her inaugural sermon three weeks later in Newmarket, close to where he lives, decided also to attend that event at St. Paul's Anglican. Rev. Trondson is now the assistant curate at the church for the next two years, preaching twice a month, doing pastoral duties, working with children, leading in contemplation gatherings, and carrying out special projects. Clearly she will be as busy with a variety of tasks as she was at ICS and in her gracious and gifted ways will enrich the life of the congregation in which she works.

Congratulations Pam. We wish you well!