Wednesday 1 February 2023

Partnering with Calvin University to Offer Two New MA-EL Streams

Over the last few years, conversations have taken place about a partnership between the Institute for Christian Studies and Calvin University in regards to our respective Master of Arts in Philosophy in Educational Leadership (MA-EL) and Masters of Education (MEd) degrees. Recently, ICS and Calvin University have come to a formal understanding of how we might bolster each other's efforts to provide masters’ level training in the area of Education. 

To that end, interested Calvin MEd students may now take one or more MA-EL courses from ICS to fulfill one or more of their three elective options in their MEd degree. Likewise, Junior Members in ICS's MA-EL program will now be able to choose from two more specializations within the program: an Inclusion Stream and a Literacy Stream will be added alongside our Instructional Leadership Stream and School Administration Stream. Interested ICS students will be able to take courses from Calvin to pursue either the Inclusion or Literacy streams.

It's early days in this shared venture, but we're looking forward to exploring what opportunities this partnership might unfold for ICS, Calvin, and our Education students and Junior Members.