Wednesday 19 May 2021

ICS to Host 15th Annual Society for Ricoeur Studies Conference

We are pleased to announce that ICS will be hosting the 15th Annual Society for Ricoeur Studies Conference taking place October 7-9, 2021 on location at ICS in Toronto. If conditions related to the Covid-19 pandemic demand, the conference will take place online instead (an update with regard to the format of the conference will be posted sometime in June).

The conference will feature a keynote presentation by George H. Taylor (School of Law, University of Pittsburgh). It will also consist of presentations and panel discussions on topics related to the thought and influence (both inside and outside the discipline of philosophy) of Paul Ricoeur, potentially including reflections on themes of justice, responsibility, politics, religion, imagination, metaphor and aesthetics, and current events. 

Participation in the conference requires membership in the Society for Ricoeur Studies and payment of the conference fee. For non-presenters who would like to attend the conference but elect not to join the Society, a $10-$25 dollar donation to the Society's ongoing work is requested. Donations can be made online at: