Monday 25 January 2016

A Ground Motive Symposium on Religion, Truth, and Social Transformation

In April 2016, ICS Professor of Philosophy Lambert Zuidervaart's new book, Religion, Truth, and Social Transformation: Essays in Reformational Philosophy, will be published with McGill-Queen's University Press. To celebrate, over the next few months the ICS forum Ground Motive will host a blog symposium inviting a wide variety of authors to respond to the book essay by essay. At the end of the symposium, Dr. Zuidervaart will provide a response to the event as a whole. We invite our readers to follow along and participate in this exciting conversation through the comment sections of each post.

The article introducing this online symposium will also serve as an index to the responses as they come in. Click here to go straight to that article, or here to simply view all the articles submitted so far.

To get you started, ICS president Doug Blomberg has already responded to the book's introduction "Transforming Philosophy" with his article "A Living Philosophical Tradition of Redemptive Hope".