Monday 3 March 2014

Junior Members Presenting Papers This Month

Joe Kirby will present “Ontology and Living Death: Solitary Confinement in Prisons and Monasteries.” at the Penn State Philosophy Graduate Student Conference on March 1-3.

Matt Johnson will present “Songs of Solidarity: A New Approach to Liturgical Music and Community Cohesion” and Joe Kirby will present “Mysticism and Madness in Prison Awaiting Death,” at the 20th Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference, held at Concordia University in Montreal on March 6.

Ruth Bott will present “Holy Blood, Menstruation as a Signifier of the Holy: A Study of the Ritual Purity Codes of Leviticus 15” and Caleb Ratzlaff will present “Ephesians and the Household Code: a Conversation with John Howard Yoder at the Advanced Degree Student Association Theology Conference at the Toronto School of Theology on March 14th.

Dean Dettloff will present “Back to the Rough Ground! Into Life!: Anti-Philosophy as Christian Philosophy,” Joshua Harris will present “Propositions, Art, and Truth: Zuidervaart’s Critique of Wolterstorff,” and Matt Johnson will present “A Particular Collision: Arendt, CERN, and Reformational Philosophy” at the 2014 Society of Christian Philosophers and Society for Continental Philosophy and Theology Conference at Trinity Christian College on March 27-29.

Joe Kirby will be presenting “Language is the Fire: Ontology in Solitary Confinement Awaiting Death” at the 2014 Philosophy and the Arts Graduate Student Conference in Stony Brook University to be held March 28-29 in Manhattan.