Tuesday 11 February 2014

Announcement from the ICS Board Chair

The following is an announcement from Henriette Thompson, ICS Board Chair

A week ago, the Board of Trustees announced the departure of the Institute for Christian Studies Presidents, Dr. Tom Wolthuis and Ms Dawn Wolthuis, effective January 27, 2014. We thank you for your interest and prayerful support at this difficult time. Understandably, there is concern about what has happened and a desire to know more. For the benefit of all parties, it is vital that our communications respect the need for confidentiality, so we are limited in what we may share. 

In regard to the departure of the Wolthuises, we can say that the Board retained experienced Christian facilitators to guide a restorative process in order to address a complex organisational situation. After listening directly to all faculty, staff and the presidents, the Board decided that the process did not reach the conclusion we all hoped for. This led to a parting of ways between ICS and the Presidents. All involved deeply regret this outcome.

We want you to know that ICS continues to pursue its mission and holds the needs and interests of students in the forefront – those with us now, who have been very supportive, and those who have just applied. We are also engaged in a rich array of projects that enable us to serve others in non-academic contexts. In these tasks, your support obviously remains vital.

The Board is confident Doug Blomberg will serve ICS capably as Acting President and is grateful for the unity demonstrated by faculty and staff in their commitment to fulfil the mission and vision of ICS.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact Doug Blomberg.
Email: president@icscanada.edu
Phone: 416-979-2331, x. 237