Tuesday 1 October 2013

ICS Research Centre Co-Hosts International Gathering of Continental Philosophers

ICS’s Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics (CPRSE), together with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto, will host the annual conference of the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy (CSCP) this year! The conference takes place in the Jackman Humanities Building at U of T on October 10-12, 2013 and will have an engaging mix of papers from across the spectrum of continental philosophy. We are excited to co-host this important international gathering of different voices, on behalf of the leading Canadian society in continental philosophy.

ICS Senior Members Lambert Zuidervaart and Shannon Hoff, CPRSE Associate Director Allyson Carr, and U of T Professor Rebecca Comay are in charge of local arrangements. Shannon, Lambert, and Rebecca are also featured speakers at the conference. Registration will happen at the conference, with registration fees ranging from $15 for graduate students who are CSCP members to $60 for faculty who are not CSCP members. For details about the conference program, go to the society’s website at www.c-scp.org/en/congress/congress.html.