Tuesday 3 September 2013

Back to School Magic - Presidential Musing by Dawn

Hey, it is back to school time. Our granddaughter just started Kindergarten. Our niece just started college. We are starting the academic year at ICS for the first time. Excitement is in the air. It’s magic!

I learned from a classmate in grade school that “magic” might be a bad word. It was not a bad word in my house growing up. Magic can be smart, playful, fun, and imaginative. Although I knew of “black magic” and now know of the use of the term “magic” when talking about the casting of spells, we did not use the term that way. I did not hear of “magic” possibly being a bad word again until some years later as a pastor’s wife. If I had the gifts and skills of a stand-up comedian, with any “luck” I would dare to write about the seven words that pastors’ wives should not say, including “magic.” After all, there are passages such as Revelation 9:21 “Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, …” While there might be some people who use the term this way today, this is not what I mean when talking about a magic act.

I recently enjoyed watching a magic act at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). Magic is often well-crafted, clever, and entertaining. It works playfully with God’s structures in the world. It can bring joy to people.

ICS is a magical place for students and scholars to discuss important topics openly. Some words might be smarter to use than others, of course, but there is no list of topics that are off-limits.

We welcome both new and returning graduate students. We hope and pray for a wonderful learning experience for all. They will read, write, and discuss many important topics this academic year, along with a few that are much more playful, I trust. They will do so in a community of trust, where they are free to speak, free to laugh, free to think, free to engage, free to learn, free to imagine. Let’s have a magical year.