Wednesday 30 November 2011

ICS Worldview Conference—Spring 2012 Edmonton, Calgary and BC

Edmonton, Calgary and Surrey readers, join us for a screening and discussion of the documentary Songs of Love and Sorrow: Re-engaging the Social Ethics of Music. A review of the Institute for Christian Studies’ Art Talks event of 2010, the documentary considers the nature of music’s role in the public sphere. Can music have a social impact? Should it? When does it cease to be music and become propaganda? What is the role of faith in socially engaged music? We will consider these and other questions as we watch the film together and discuss. The film portrays the work of several contemporary composers who engage with themes of social relevance and the interaction of these composers with contemporary philosophers and ethicists. The discussion will be introduced and led by Dr. Rebekah Smick, Senior Member in Philosophy of the Arts and Culture and ICS Junior Member Rebecca Tait.

Locations and times for the event are:

Edmonton: Monday, February 27 at 7pm at The King’s University College, 9125 - 50 Street.

Calgary: Wednesday, February 29 at 7pm at Emmanuel CRC, 3020 51 Street SW

Surrey: Friday, March 2 at 7pm at Fleetwood CRC, 9165 160 Street

Watch future issues of Channel 229 for more information about these upcoming events.