Tuesday 30 August 2011

CPRSE Launches the Ground Motive Forum

The Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics is pleased to announce the launch of a new internet forum under the name Ground Motive. Ground Motive is a forum to host and foster online dialogue on subjects of relevance to the CPRSE’s mandate. It is intended for the benefit of the CPRSE and of all whose subject interests or fields of research and study intersect with those of the CPRSE and its participants.

The name Ground Motive is derived from a concept developed by the 20th century Dutch philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd. He theorized that a religious ground motive has “a central communal character and gives expression to a common spirit… It lies at the foundation of a community of thought, insofar as it guarantees ... mutual understanding, even between philosophical trends which vehemently combat each other.”

The Ground Motive forum can be accessed directly at www.groundmotive.net. We encourage everyone to visit the forum and post comments on our articles. And if you have any general feedback about the forum, please contact Lyle Clark at the CPRSE at cprse@icscanada.edu.