Wednesday 1 June 2011

Senate Report: 2011

The Senate, ICS's academic governing board, met on May 19 to review the work of our faculty, junior members, and research centre during the past academic year. After discussing materials prepared by ICS's Professional Status Committee and conducting interviews, the Senate approved Senior Members Nik Ansell (Theology) and Ron Kuipers (Philosophy of Religion) for continuing appointment (i.e., tenure). Nik and Ron also received approval for sabbaticals next year, and Ron was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor. Senior Member Rebekah Smick (Philosophy of the Arts and Culture) was re-appointed for a further three-year term. In addition, Doug Blomberg was appointed Academic Dean for two years, and Lambert Zuidervaart was appointed to a second one-year term as Director of the Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics. We thank these faculty members for their excellent work and congratulate them on their significant achievements.

ICS's Senate has fourteen members: six "internal senators" from our administration, faculty, and junior members, and eight "external senators" from other schools. Each external senator serves for a five-year term and can serve two consecutive terms. Two of our senators reached the end of their terms on May 19: Professor Barbara Carvill (Emerita, Calvin College) and Professor Nicholas Wolterstorff (Emeritus, Yale University). They have served us faithfully and well for a combined total of more than 20 years. Professor Carvill has also served as ICS's chancellor in recent years. We offer our heartfelt thanks to Barb and Nick.

On May 19 the Senate appointed Dr. Jennifer Harris to be ICS's next chancellor. The chancellor represents ICS in public academic settings, most notably in the awarding of master's and doctoral degrees. A member of ICS's Senate for the past five years, Dr. Harris is Associate Professor in the Christianity and Culture Program at the University of St. Michael's College and the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto. We extend our hearty congratulations to Jennifer and thank her for taking up the chancellor's position.