Thursday 3 March 2011

Freedom Unlimited

Toronto, March 3, 2011, 5:30 PM
Book Launch and Discussion

Freedom Unlimited: Liberty, Autonomy, and Response-ability in the Open Theism of Clark Pinnock
By Jeffrey S. Hocking

Hosted by Crux Books at Wycliffe College in Leonard Hall
University of Toronto Campus
5 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto (off Tower Rd.)

Reception immediately following

Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN 13: 978-1-60899-469-4
Copies Available for $17

"Like Open Theism itself, the volume works with the concepts of human freedom, which is a category needing to be opened up in open theism. Is not the freedom that God longs to see in us more than bare or indifferent choices but loving freedom? . . . This book is not written in a critical spirit but one which issues an invitation to life."
—Clark Pinnock, from the Foreword

"Hocking pushes the discussion of human freedom and divine power in new and important directions. He seeks to overcome the harsh either/or choice between independent human autonomy or deterministic divine heteronomy by proposing free human faithfulness. And he proposes a doctrine of divine power that is participatory rather than unilateral. This book makes a profound contribution to how we might best think about God's love and free creaturely responses!"
—Thomas Jay Oord, from the back cover

Join us for a discussion of the book and the themes of freedom, heteronomy, and obedience with:

Jeffrey Hocking, Author: Freedom Unlimited

Jon Stanley, Editor/Contributor: Freedom Unlimited, Co-Editor: God is Dead and I Don't Feel So Well Myself

Nik Ansell, Senior Member in Theology at the Institute for Christian Studies