Monday 17 November 2014

Meeting of Leaders of Christian Colleges and Universities around the World

International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education – Asia-Oceania Region

Conference of Presidents/Principals and Senior Leaders of Christian Colleges and Universities around the World, 1-4 November 2014.

by Doug Blomberg, President of ICS

The rate of growth of Christian institutions of higher education in the majority world is indeed amazing. But so is it also to recognise that there are many such institutions in India, Africa and elsewhere in the region that have a history reaching into the nineteenth century. The purpose of this conference in Melaka, Malaysia was to foster collaboration within countries and internationally. It was organised under the leadership of Regional Director Dr. J. Dinakarlal from India in collaboration with Dr. Mwende Ntarangwi, Executive Director of IAPCHE (of which former ICS President Dr. Harry Fernhout is Chair). As might be expected, the majority of participants were from Asia, but there was a sprinkling of delegates from other regions as well. Though there were formal plenary presentations, these were personal and practical in character. Much of the time was spent in small group interaction, as people got to know each other and their various ministries. My hope is that relationships fostered in this gathering might strengthen existing partnerships and grow into many more. Let us pray that ICS will figure significantly among these.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Lambert Zuidervaart Interview in Urban Times

An interview with Lambert Zuidervaart has appeared in the British online journal Urban Times. The interviewer, Thejas Jagannath, asks Lambert why he wrote his book Art in Public (Cambridge University Press, 2011) and what he thinks about commercialism, collaboration, and politics in the arts. To read the interview, go to

Monday 3 November 2014

En Route to the Confessions

ICS alumnus Daniel Napier has recently published a book titled En Route to the Confessions: The Roots and Development of Augustine’s Philosophical Anthropology. For more information, visit

Prayer Letter: October 2014

Monday, November 3: ICS President Doug Blomberg is attending the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE) institutional leaders' meeting in Kuala Lumpur. We pray for blessings on everyone who is attending this meeting.

Tuesday, November 4: Today we pray for the ICS Board recruitment process, that committed and able candidates for Board vacancies will be offered to the ICS membership for approval.

Wednesday, November 5: Many of our Junior Members are working on their their Masters and PhD thesis projects. We pray for our Junior Members and ask that they will have time, concentration, and wisdom.

Thursday, November 6: We ask God's help and guidance for all those who are doing advancement work for ICS. Please pray that support for the vision and mission of ICS continues to grow.

Friday, November 7: We ask God to bless Junior Member Carolyn Mackie as she defends her MA thesis today.

Sunday, November 9: ICS President Doug Blomberg is flying home to Toronto today. We pray for safe travel.

Monday, November 10: We offer prayers of gratitude and give thanks to you, our many supporters who have presented ICS with gifts of prayer, money, and expressions of appreciation. We are constantly blessed with your interest and support.

Tuesday, November 11: Today we observe Remembrance Day in Canada. We are reminded of the wars that continue to rage and the soldiers and civilians who continue to suffer around the world. We pray for peace.
The Professional Status Committee meets today. We pray for God’s blessings on this meeting.

Wednesday, November 12: Doug Blomberg will be a guest at the Niagara Classis meeting this morning. Please pray for fruitful interaction with these representatives of our supporting community.
The Academic Council and Leadership Team meet today. We ask for God’s wisdom to guide these meetings.

Thursday, November 13: We ask God to bless those who are teaching, as they balance reporting, paperwork and course work with managing their families.

Friday, November 14: We pray for blessings for the Friends of ICS Board and all those who are doing advancement work in the US.

Monday, November 17: We continue to pray for blessings and energy for ICS President Doug Blomberg as he manages his many responsibilities and provides ICS with his leadership.

Tuesday, November 18: Today we pray for the general well-being of the ICS. We ask for blessings and energy for ICS faculty and staff as they work together to manage their many responsibilities.

Wednesday, November 19: Lord, we are blessed by the administrative work at the ICS. Thank you for the work they are given. Thank you for administrative excellence during hard times.

Thursday, November 20: We ask for God's blessing on Ed Hayley, Director of Finance and his team, who are planning the Annual General Meeting to be held on Thursday, December 4. We pray for energy and enthusiasm for all who are involved.

Friday, November 21: Today we pray for the work of Senior Members. Bless their ongoing tasks, both administrative and academic. Give them the relief they need when things pile up.

Monday, November 24: We ask God to bless and guide Senior Member Ron Kuipers and Allyson Carr as they continue their work with our Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics.

Tuesday, November 25: As the fall semester draws to a close, we ask God for energy and wisdom for all our Junior Members who are working hard in their courses and for a sense of balance as they deal with families and jobs as well. We pray too that student jobs will be found where they are needed.

Wednesday, November 26: Today we ask for God's help for those who are struggling with cancer and other illnesses. We pray for strength, patience and for good results from treatment.

Thursday, November 27: Today Doug Blomberg will participate in the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada President’s Day. This will be followed tomorrow by the meeting of Christian Higher Education Canada. Board co-chair, Aileen Van Ginkel, will also be present in another capacity. We thank the Lord for the opportunity for these gatherings and pray that God will guide these times of fellowship.
Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Pray for safe travel for those who are going to join their families and friends for this holiday. On this day, let us reflect on God's grace and give thanks for family and friends.

Friday, November 28: The season of Advent begins on Sunday. We pray for God's blessings as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ.